VARESAS, a new era of remote support

VARESAS is a remote support and situational awareness solution using newest innovative technologies such as Augmented or Virtual Reality and the direct integration of space assets. The integration of AR/VR in particular opens entirely new areas of application.

The vision is to
● use space technologies to significantly improve our everyday life
● provide a solution that aids disaster relief
● use Earth Observation data more diversely and combine Earth Observation data with new AR/VR technologies
● make human spaceflights or space exploration activities safer, more efficient and easier

VARESAS is supported by the European Space Agency ESA.

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VARESAS supports in exceptional areas of application

With its modular architecture, VARESAS supports in extreme environments and helps to make operations safer, more efficient and easier. Especially in remote areas and time-critical activities, VARESAS provides the necessary up-to-date situational awareness data.

VARESAS supports during extreme events using space technologies

A large number of Earth Observation satellites collects data worldwide and almost every point on earth can be observed on a regular basis. VARESAS combines these data with AR/VR technologies to support rescue teams in the context of disasters such as earthquakes, floods or forest fires. Additional spatial information, digital elevation models, weather data or the automated integration of information services can be applied to solve challenges related to disaster relief.